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See Ansel Elgort in the new Men, Women & Children trailer! 

castle leoch 1.02

I wish I could say that Augustus Waters kept his sense of humor ‘til the end, that not for a single moment did his courage waiver, but that is not what happened.

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being a cishet looks boring why do people do that

Idk maybe bc sexuality/gender isnt based on how cool or interesting an individual wants to look

yeah but why be boring when u can be awesome and not cishet

yeah but why treat lgbt+ identities like some trendy fashion accessory that ppl can just slap on to look cool when u could not act like a complete idiot

A Lord of the Rings character playlist

i would say i’m sorry but im not [x]



booty vs booty

I’m always amazed how much control Chris has over that shield. When Tom turns it is swinging around uncontrollably, while in Chris’ hand it stays perfectly still.

harry osborn’s stages of dishevelment


I really enjoy Adam Scott struggling not to smile at Amy Poehler’s hilarity.


Richard Madden and his incredibly eloquent chest [Part 3/?]